Prosperity Design
for Dentists

Experience Unprecedented Prosperityfor Your Family, Business, Finances, and Future.

Prosperity Design

for Dentists

Experience Unprecedented Prosperityfor Your Family, Business, Finances, and Future.

"If You Don't Design Your Own Life Plan, Chances Are That You Will Fall Into Someone Else's Plan. And Guess What They Have Planned for You? Not Much."

-Jim Rohn

Elevate Your Life With Prosperity Planning

At Prosperity Design, we believe in a straight forward and results-oriented approach to help you achieve your desired level of success in the most important areas of your life. We identify these core areas as yourself, your family, your business, your finances, your future, and your legacy.

Prosperity Design will work closely with you to set clear and attainable goals in each of these areas, and then create a tailored plan to help you reach your desired levels of success, ensuring a more fulfilling and prosperous life. We are committed to providing you with the guidance and strategies needed to thrive in every facet of your life, ensuring a legacy of prosperity and fulfillment.

Key Life Segments

  1. Yourself: Achieving a high level of personal well-being, self-confidence, and contentment. This includes physical health, mental wellness, self-development, and a commitment to continuous learning.
  2. Your Family: Cultivating harmonious relationships within your family, providing your children with quality education, including college for kids and private school options if desired. Establishing foundational wealth and personal budgets that enable the lifestyle you aspire to, balanced with a prosperous portfolio.
  3. Your Business: Having a thriving and sustainable business with a solid reputation, steady growth, and diversification of income sources to insulate you and ensure abundance. This includes sound financial practices and strategies for long-term success.
  4. Your Finances: Achieving financial stability, managing debt effectively, and accumulating wealth to secure your future and enjoy the lifestyle you desire. This includes having a balanced personal budget and a diverse investment portfolio that meets all of your financial needs now and for generations to come.
  5. Your Future: Planning for a secure retirement, leaving a meaningful legacy for your loved ones or society, and ensuring that your hard work continues to benefit future generations. This includes strategic estate planning and philanthropic endeavors resulting in the desired impact you wish to have now and for generations to come.

Prosperity Design Suite of Services

1. Profit and Loss Review
2. Goal Setting and Goal Achievement.
3. Personal Well-Being
4. Diversification Strategies
5. Cost Segregation
6. Retirement Planning
7. Budgeting, Saving and Debt Elimination
8. Investment and Wealth Building
9. Life Insurance and Protection
10. Disability and Extended Care Insurances
11. Social Security Planning
12. Estate Planning and Trust Services
13. Planned Giving and Philanthropy
14. Tax Planning
15. Dental Supplies
16. Dental Lab Services
17. Banking Services
18. Collections-Patient Payment Plans
19. Workplace 401k Plans
20. Back Taxes Resolution

Problems We Solve Case Studies

Am I generating enough income from my Dental practice to feel truly confident about my financial security and future stability?

Case Study: Dr. Jessica Walker, DDS 
Achieving Financial Success through Residential Real Estate.


Increase your income by up to 30%

Introduction: Dr. Jessica Walker, a skilled dentist in her early 40s, had built a thriving dental practice and was keen on expanding her portfolio to secure her financial future. She decided to explore real estate as a means to achieve her financial goals.

Background: Dr. Walker had always wanted to be financially astute and recognized the potential benefits of real estate, including rental income, property appreciation, and tax advantages. She sought to leverage her desire to invest in residential properties and generate additional income.

Conclusion: Dr. Jessica Walker's successful venture into residential real estate showcases how a dentist can leverage their willingness to diversify their income. Through careful research, due diligence, and strategic planning, she secured a valuable income-producing asset that not only generated passive income but also contributed to her long-term financial security. This case study illustrates the potential benefits of a residential real estate business for dentists seeking to enhance their financial outlook and achieve financial independence.

Do I ever find myself feeling overwhelmed and stressed to the extent that I worry I might be heading towards burnout?

Case Study: Dr. Emma Mitchell, DDS
Avoiding Burnout and Reducing Stress


Eliminate the stress. Keep the joy in your life.

Introduction: Dr. Emma Mitchell is a successful dentist in her mid-40s who has been running her own dental practice for over 15 years. She's passionate about her work but has been feeling increasingly stressed and on the verge of burnout. In this case study, we'll explore how Dr. Mitchell can take steps to avoid burnout and reduce stress.

Background: Dr. Mitchell's dental practice is thriving, with a large patient base and a dedicated team of staff. However, the demands of running the practice, long working hours, and the pressures of managing both clinical and administrative responsibilities have taken a toll on her well-being.

Results: By implementing Prosperity Design strategies, Dr. Emma Mitchell successfully avoids burnout and reduces stress in her dental practice and at home. She enjoys a healthier work-life balance, enhanced patient care, and a more engaged and motivated team. Dr. Mitchell's practice continues to thrive, and she finds greater satisfaction in her career while also nurturing her physical and mental well-being.

Conclusion: Dr. Emma Mitchell's case demonstrates that proactive measures, self-care, and support systems can help dentists manage stress and prevent burnout while maintaining a successful dental practice and personal life. Recognizing the signs of burnout and taking steps to address them is essential for long-term career satisfaction and overall well-being.

Can I be sure my investments are helping me reach my financial goals for retirement?

Case Study: Dr. Emily Carter, DDS
Expanding Wealth Horizons for a Dentist through Alternative Investments 


Super-charge your wealth with alternative investments.

Introduction: Dr. Emily Carter, an accomplished dentist in her mid-40s, had been diligently saving and investing in traditional assets like stocks and bonds for many years. However, she sought to diversify her investment portfolio further and potentially achieve higher returns. To explore new opportunities, she decided to investigate the benefits of incorporating alternative investments into her financial strategy. 

Background: Dr. Carter successfully built her dental practice and accumulated substantial wealth over the years. She had a well-diversified portfolio of traditional investments, but she wanted to explore alternative investments to potentially enhance her portfolio's returns and reduce its correlation with traditional asset classes. 

Conclusion: By strategically incorporating alternative investments into her portfolio, Dr. Emily Carter diversified her wealth-building strategy and gained access to unique opportunities beyond traditional asset classes. The enhanced returns, and income generation provided by alternative investments contributed to the overall financial well-being of this successful dentist. This case study underscores how alternative investments can benefit dentists who seek to optimize their investment portfolios and accumulate long-term financial resources. 

Do I have full confidence that my assets will be distributed properly to my beneficiaries and are aligned with my legacy goals?

Case Study:  Dr. Richard Miller, DDS
Maximizing Financial Security Through Regular Estate Planning Updates 

living will

Avoid family chaos. Stay current.  Protect your assets and your heirs.

Introduction: Dr. Richard Miller, a successful dentist in his early 50s, had previously established a comprehensive estate plan to protect his assets and ensure a smooth transition of his wealth to his heirs. However, as his family and financial circumstances evolved, Dr. Miller recognized the need to regularly review and update his estate planning documents to better align with his current objectives. 

Background: Dr. Miller had accumulated substantial assets, including his dental practice, real estate investments, retirement accounts, life insurance policies and a growing family. His initial estate plan, created in his 40s, needed to be adjusted to address changing priorities and ensure the efficient transfer of his wealth to the next generation. 

Conclusion: Through regular updates and adjustments to his estate plan, Dr. Richard Miller successfully protected his assets, minimized tax liabilities, and ensured the smooth transition of his dental practice and wealth to his heirs. This proactive approach to estate planning allowed him to adapt to changing circumstances, preserve his legacy, and provide financial security for his family. Dr. Miller's case underscores the importance of regularly reviewing and updating estate planning documents to reflect evolving financial and family dynamics. 

Are there gaps in my protection threatening financial stability and leaving my loved ones future unsecured?

Case Study: Dr. Michael Johnson, DDS
Maximizing Financial Security Through Personal and Practice Insurance Reviews


Adapt to life changes. Eliminate prosperity threats and maximize protection.

Introduction: Dr. Michael Johnson, a skilled dentist in his early 40s, had been running a successful dental practice for over a decade. While focused on delivering top-notch patient care, he realized that he hadn't thoroughly reviewed his personal and practice insurance policies in years. Concerned about potential coverage gaps and rising costs, Dr. Johnson decided to undergo a comprehensive insurance review. 

Background: Dr. Johnson's dental practice had grown significantly over the years, and he had accumulated various personal assets, including a home, investment properties, and retirement accounts. However, he wasn't confident that his insurance coverage adequately protected both his professional and personal interests. 

Conclusion: Through a thorough personal and practice insurance review, Dr. Michael Johnson not only identified and addressed potential coverage gaps but also optimized his insurance portfolio for cost-effectiveness and comprehensive protection. This proactive approach provided him with greater financial security and peace of mind, allowing him to focus on his dental practice and personal well-being with confidence. The case underscores the importance of regular insurance assessments to adapt to changing circumstances and safeguard one's professional and personal interests.

Do my employee benefits provide for attracting and keeping exceptional people at the lowest cost to me?

Case Study: Dr. Sarah Hernandez, DDS
Optimizing a Dental Practice's 401(k) Plan for Cost Efficiency and Better Results 


Reduce costs. Attract and retain the most valuable employees.

Introduction: Dr. Sarah Hernandez is a dentist who owns a thriving dental practice with a team of dedicated employees. She has always been committed to offering competitive benefits to her staff, including a 401(k)-retirement plan. However, she recognized the need to review and update the plan to make it more cost-effective and beneficial for both her employees and the practice.

Background: Dr. Hernandez had implemented a 401(k) plan for her practice several years ago, but she was concerned about the rising administrative costs and the performance of the investment options offered to her employees. She decided to explore ways to optimize the plan while ensuring it remained an attractive benefit for her team. 

Conclusion: Dr. Sarah Hernandez's proactive approach to updating her dental practice's 401(k) plan not only reduced costs but also improved the retirement benefit for her employees. By working with a consultant, renegotiating fees, and optimizing investment options, she was able to create a more cost-effective and attractive retirement plan while maintaining the financial health of her practice. This case illustrates the importance of periodically reviewing and updating retirement benefits to ensure they remain competitive and aligned with the needs of both employers and employees. 

Can I be certain that I understand how to operate my practice at a high level of profitability?

Case Study: Dr. Lisa Anderson, DDS 
Running a More Productive Dental Practice with Increased Financial Proficiency


Find the hidden profit in your practice.

Introduction: Dr. Lisa Anderson is an experienced dentist who owns a well-established dental practice. Despite her clinical expertise, she often felt overwhelmed by the financial aspects of running her practice. She decided to invest time and effort into gaining a better understanding of her practice's Profit and Loss (P&L) statement and Balance Sheet to improve productivity and profitability. 

Background: Dr. Anderson's practice had been successful, but she was unsure if she was making the most of her resources. She wanted to optimize her practice's operations, make informed decisions, and increase profitability while providing excellent patient care. 

Conclusion: Dr. Lisa Anderson's case illustrates how gaining a better understanding of financial statements and actively managing the financial aspects of a dental practice can lead to increased productivity and profitability. By implementing strategic financial practices and regularly reviewing financial performance, dentists can achieve their clinical and financial goals while providing high-quality patient care. 

What does the proper financial success plan include for my children?

Case Study: Drs. Mark and Emily Johnson, DDS
The Benefits of a Young Child with a Roth IRA Account 


Secure kids’ financial future with tax advantaged long-term growth.

Introduction: The Johnson family consists of Mark and Emily, both in their early 30s, and their two children, Sarah (age 7) and Ethan (age 3). Mark and Emily have always been financially responsible and are committed to securing their family's financial future. They decided to open a Roth IRA account for their daughter, Sarah, as an educational and financial planning tool. 

Background: Sarah, the elder child, is a bright and curious 7-year-old with a keen interest in saving money. Her parents saw this as an opportunity to teach her valuable lessons about finances, investing, and long-term planning. 

Setting Up the Roth IRA Account: Mark and Emily opened a Roth IRA account for Sarah when she turned 7. They contributed an initial sum of $1,000 to the account to kick-start her retirement savings journey. They explained to Sarah the concept of compound interest and how her money would grow over time.

Conclusion: Opening a Roth IRA for their young daughter, Sarah, has allowed the Johnson family to not only secure her financial future but also provide her with valuable financial education and lessons about saving and investing. By taking advantage of the long-time horizon and tax-free growth potential, Sarah has the opportunity to build substantial wealth for her retirement, setting her on a path to financial success. This case study illustrates how early financial planning and education can have far-reaching benefits for young children and their families. 

I am not sure I have enough resources to endure a catastrophic health issue without personal hardships and financial despair?

Case Study: Dr. Anika Patel, DDS 
Financial Security with a Long-Term Care Plan


Protect against personal and financial despair due to a health failure.

Background: Dr. Anika Patel is a respected dentist in her mid-50s who has been running her dental practice for over 25 years. As she approached retirement age, Dr. Patel became increasingly concerned about the potential costs and challenges of long-term care in her later years. She decided to explore her options with a Long-Term Care Plan to secure her future.

Conclusion: Dr. Anika Patel's decision to invest in a Long-Term Care Plan provided her with financial security, asset protection, and the freedom to choose her long-term care options. This case study illustrates the significant benefits of a well-structured long-term care plan for professionals like Dr. Patel looking to safeguard their financial future and retirement.

How can I continue to realize growth on my money and still have access to use it on things I need?

Case Study: Dr. Michael Carter, DDS
Financial Success through Infinite Banking 


Enjoy growth on your money while using it as needed without losing dividends.

Background: Dr. Michael Carter is a seasoned dentist with a thriving dental practice. Despite his success, he was concerned about optimizing his financial strategy for wealth accumulation and financial security. She decided to explore the concept of Infinite Banking and sought the guidance of a financial advisor well-versed in this concept.

Conclusion: Dr. Michael Carter successfully utilized the Infinite Banking concept to grow his wealth, maintain access to capital, and secure his financial future while continuing to invest in his dental practice and personal aspirations. This case study highlights the advantages of a well-executed Infinite Banking strategy for professionals like Dr. Carter looking to optimize their financial situation and achieve long-term financial success.