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Dan Romance

Over the past 15 years, Dan has been consulting with successful Dentists across the country. He has been a featured speaker at state dental conferences and local dental societies. Building long-lasting relationships is what Dan enjoys the most when meeting Dentists. A spirit of giving has been the core approach to providing solutions to the problems many Dentists are looking to solve. Whether it's a two-hour Zoom call with a Dentist and their spouse in the evening after dinner or answering a text after 11 pm, Dan has always been generous with his time. Changing the lives of Dentists and their families is a passion that is easily recognizable when talking with Dan.

Dan and his wife Laurie live in Sebastian, FL, with their three-year-old Husky, Ella. In his spare time, Dan enjoys traveling in the RV with Laurie, listening to music, exercising, driving around in his 1988 Monte Carlo SS, spending time with family, and studying personal growth and development.

John Scott

For over 30 years, John has been building an extensive skill set that has served many well. John held various management and operations positions with FedEx as they developed into the leader in overnight package delivery and beyond. Leading people and developing efficient processes enabled John to start multiple consulting businesses focused on enabling others to achieve exceptionalism. John's expertise in finances, business design and planning, logistics, leadership, and interpersonal relationships has enabled him to help others achieve their goals.

John and his wife, Mary, live in Vero Beach, FL, with their Rottweiler puppy, Titus. John believes in serving for the good of others. He serves as the chairperson of a local church and private school. He is on the Board of Regents, which serves as the governing body for a private university. John also enjoys spending time with his family, cooking, listening to music, and being a mentor to others.

About Prosperity Design

Prosperity Design for Dentists is the culmination of over half a century of combined experience from Dan Romance and John Scott. Dan and John have been business colleagues for over 15 years and are the cofounders of Prosperity Design for Dentists.

The concept for Prosperity Design for Dentists is the result of many years of consulting with Dentists. Our approach is congruent with that of a Dentist. When a patient has agreed to a treatment plan for a full-mouth reconstruction, the Dentist will utilize all resources available to design the end result with a high probability of success. Before the procedure is started, the Dentist is well aware of what the finished product will look like. The result will be life-changing for the patient. Similarly, when the team at Prosperity Design for Dentists is working with clients to intentionally design a prosperous life, we will use the needed resources to create life-changing prosperity for our clients, their families, their staff, and even their patients.